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The Geant4 documentation working group is responsible for maintaining and improving the User Documentation and user-related areas of the Geant4 Web site, and ensuring a consistent and positive public presentation of Geant4 through the Web.

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  • Alexander Howard(coordinator)

    • Coordinate the maintenance and improvement of all Users’ Guides, examples documentation and web presentation
  • Anna Zaborowska(deputy)

  • John Allison

  • Makoto Asai

  • Gabriele Cosmo

    • Provide consultation for improvement of the global structure of documentation
  • Gunter Folger

    • Support web-based documentation and web management tools and ensure that web presentation and various documentation services operate coherently
  • Laurent Garnier

  • Ivana Hrivnacova

    • Maintain documentation of the novice, basic, and extended examples, both in the Users’ Guides and the Doxygen-generated web area
  • Vladimir Ivanchenko

  • Dmitri Konstantinov

  • Grigorii Latyshev

  • Ben Morgan

    • Support for installation and distribution instructions, management tools
  • Mihaly Novak

  • Alberto Ribon

  • Luis Sarmiento

  • Daren Sawkey

  • Marc Verderi

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