Foreseen activities in 2003

General support to users

Via hyper news and others..
Will absorbe more than 50% of our availability.
Special mention to the LCG meetings:

  • Atlas : conclusions and publications.
  • Babar : continuing
  • LHCb ?
  • CMS ?

Model approach

To allow several models of the same process. Mainly concerned : Ionisation, Bremsstrahlung, MultipleScattering.
Will become the ‘standard’ in the second half of 2003.

Other developments in standard em

  • High Energy processes (above 10 TeV)
    The discussion with the MEPhI group (Kokoulin, Kelner, Rybin) has started to evaluate the needs, by type of experimental fields.
    A priority list has been agreed for :

  • precise investigation of the current processes
  • a program of development for the next two years.

To be done in 2003 :

  • revision of the Bremsstrahlung and Gamma Conversion, and implementation of the LPM effect in Gamma Conversion.
  • a correction to the Multiple Scattering for high energy muons.
  • A specific implementation of Multiple Scattering for generic ions.
  • Completion of the PhotoElecticEffect at the level of Geant3.21
  • New implementation of the Synchrotron radiation (Helmut Burkhardt /Cern).
  • A new OpticalPhoton process: a wave length shifting mehanism.
  • G4Material: start an analysis of an internal data base for specific constants.

Cut per region

Extensive tests.
Additional new examples.


Physics reference manual

(Interactive) course of em physics

Completed at ~70% (in documents/training).

Understanding performance issues

Plot of cross sections

Provide an equivalent of the command drmat in Geant3: crosssections, de/dx.
The store/retrieve PhysicsTables could be a starting point.
Specific Visualisation application ?

System of Units

Check the whole Geant4 code for the correct use of the system of units (never done).
main task: STT