ELECTROMAGNETIC WORKING GROUP plan of activity for 2015 =======================================

(1) - June 2015 (2) - December 2015 (*) - will be done if manpower will be identified [LE] - in collaboration with the Low-energy EM working group [GE] - in collaboration with the Geometry working group

1) Infrastructure and general support for EM physics

  • migration remaining EM and medical examples to multi-threading (1/2)
  • support for LHC experiments (1/2)
  • improve computation of range and energy loss in G4EmCalculator (2)

2) Validation and verification of EM physics

  • perform regular execution and regression analysis using existing testing suites (1/2)
  • Extended testing suite validation capabilities (develope new web interface, improve regression tests, evaluate usage of Jenkins) (1/2)
  • continue detailed comparison of Standard, Livermore, Penelope, and DNA models [LE] (1/2)
  • extend backscattering tests in the testing suite (2) [LE]
  • migration of testing suite to multi-threading (1/2) (*)
  • add CALICE calorimeter tests, focusing on lateral shape (2) (*)
  • add Cerenkov calorimeter test (2) (*)
  • add bremsstrahlung benchmark (2) (*)
  • development of electron line-shape test in sampling calorimeter (2) (*)

3) Further development of the processes of multiple and single scattering:

  • review and fix of the displacement beyond boundary algorithm (1) [GE]
  • review and fix of the Goudsmit-Saunderson model (1)
  • study and improve sampling of lateral displacement and backscattering (1)
  • study and single scattering models for high enegry projectiles (2)
  • evaluate WentzelVI model performance with 2nd order corrections enabled (2)

4) Further update of ionization processes:

  • study of EM physics for proton and light ion therapy versus new experimental data (1/2)
  • refinement of effective ion charge approach (2) (*)
  • alternative ion ionisation models for moderate energies (2) (*)

5) Bremsstrahlung and gamma models:

  • incorporation of the three gamma annihilation (2)
  • improved parameterisation for positron cross section (2) (*)
  • update Compton scattering model adding radiative corrections (2) (*)
  • feasibility study on improved secondary generation at high energy for e+e- pair production by e- and e+ (2) (*)

6) Evaluation of PAI and XTR models for ALICE (1/2)

7) High energy processes

  • Evaluation or usage of Geant4 rare processes for muon backgrounds for CLIC and R&D studies for FCC
  • extention of grid of internal table for mu-nuclear

8) Optical photon physics

  • Extension to the unified surface model to have both specular and diffuse components for the transmitted photons (2)
  • Modeling of optical transport in a volume that has different optical treatments on different sides (2)