2022 Milestones


plan of activity for 2021\ ======================================= (1) - June 2022\ (2) - December 2022 *** **1) Infrastructure and general support for EM physics** * Perform regular execution and regression analysis using existing testing suites (1/2) * Further optimisation of code used by EM processes/models at initialisation (1) * Reorganize code for integral method to be applicable for high energy EM processes and hadronic processes (1) * Establish mechanism of usage of alternative models/algorithms for sampling of energy loss fluctuations for different particle types and G4Region (1) **2) R&D for EM physics** * Evaluation of G4HepEm project and adopt it for Geant4 including specialized tracking (1/2) * Addition of missing components to G4HepEm (1/2) * Evaluation of G4HepEM for ATLAS and CMS (2) * Investigate further optimisation possibilities provided by the G4HepEm environment such as opportunistic multi-particle tracking (1/2) * Keep supporting the G4HepEm based AdePT GPU based EM shower simulation R&D (1/2) * Investigate possibilities that might accelerate the EM shower simulation in HEP including high granularity detectors and sampling calorimeters (1/2) * Implement optional Woodcock tracking of photons per G4Region (1) * DPM like MSC modelling and complete DPM like EM simulation per particle type and detector region (1/2) **3) Developments for HEP applications** * Evaluate Linhard-Sorensen ion ionisation model (1) * Evaluate new ion energy fluctuations model (2) * Introduce EPICS2017 cross sections as an option for standard gamma models (1) * Developments and testing for polarized gamma transport (1/2) * Introduce bremsstrahlung on atomic electrons at high and moderate energies with triplet production (2) * Extend energy limit for positron annihilation to hadrons (2) * Implement muon pair production by e+- (2) (summer student project) **4) Updates of low-energy EM models** * Introduce EPICS2017 electron ionisation model (1) * Using EPICS2017 cross section in G4LowEPComptonModel (2) * Development of the new advanced example for x-ray polarimetry (2) * Providing ionization cross-sections for 0.1 to 100 MeV for Li, C and O ions based on ECPSSR (2) * Deployment of new model of the three gamma annihilation (2) * Validation of ANSTO PIXE data (1/2) * Improve implementation of MicroElec models and extend list of materials (1/2) * Development of Pol02 extended example (1) **5) G4-Med developments** * integration of DNA Physics Lists in some geant-val tests (1) * introduce extra tests to geant-val (radioactive decay, nuclear medicine, x-ray radiotherapy) (1/2) * add new radiobiology extended example (2) * validation for Human normal and malignant cell irradiations by ions (1/2) * Radiobiological Data Acquisition (1/2) **6) Optical photon and X-ray physics** * Maitenence and optimisation of optical classes (1/2) * Continue integration of Opticks package (GPU based) (1/2) **7) DNA physics and chemistry developments** * Improvement DNA physics model for ions (1/2) * Implementation in Geant4-DNA, of electron physics models in dexorybose and phosphate (2) * Implementation of the Relativistic Option 4 electron inelastic model (1/2) * Development of a discrete model for protons using dielectric response function up to 100 MeV (1/2) * Study of the effect of step size and cuts on radiation dose in small size volumes using Standard and DNA physics (1/2) * Incorporation of proton cross-sections in liquid water above 100 MeV for Geant4-DNA models (1) * Development N2 and C3H8 DNA cross sections (1) * Development on an alternative chemistry framework using IRT and Gillespie in a single simulation (2) **8) Tutorials** * CERN tutorials Develop the complete material and repository for the new, 3-days beginner Geant4 tutorial given at CERN in May and advanced course in October *