Extended Examples


how to print cross-sections and stopping power used in input by the standard EM package

how to count processes, activate/inactivate them and survey the range of charged particles. How to define a maximum step size

shower development in an homogeneous material : longitudinal and lateral profiles

shower development in a sampling calorimeter : collect energy deposited, survey energy flow and print stopping power

9 MeV point like photon source: plot spectrum of energy deposited in a single media

how to study transmission, absorption and reflection of particles through a single, thin or thick, layer.

physics list for rare, high energy, electromagnetic processes: gamma conversion and e+ annihilation into pair of muons

how to produce a Bragg curve in water phantom. How to compute dose in tallies

test of photo-absorption-ionisation model in thin absorbers, and transition radiation

shower development in a crystal calorimeter; cut-per-region

XTR transition radiation model, investigation of ionisation in thin absorbers

how to plot a depth dose profile in a rectangular box

how to plot a depth dose profile in spherical geometry : point like source

how to compute cross sections of EM processes from rate of transmission coefficient

how to compute cross sections of EM processes from direct evaluation of the mean-free path. How to plot final state

compute and plot final state of Multiple Scattering as an isolated process

simulation of synchrotron radiation

check the cross sections of high energy muon processes

energy loss verification

Exotic physics

simulation of classical magnetic monopole transportation in a target


gamma radiation field formation in water phantom by electron beam hitting different targets

radioactive dose deposition inside cavity from gamma beam (Fano theorem)

radioactive dose deposition inside cavity from electron beam (Fano theorem)


Novice example - optical photons in general

  • LXe (P. Gumplinger, D. Sawkey)

optical photons in a liquid xenon scintillator


example of QED processes including polarization