Geometry Work Plan for 2009

Version 1.0

NOTE: Any dates assigned to items are to be considered just indicative.
- Items marked with refer to new developments.
- Items marked with will involve new man-power or contribution from external sources interested in the project.
- Items marked with will require coordination with more than one Working Group.
- Items marked with (*) may or may not be achieved.

  1. Navigation & optimisation:
    • Correction to safety on exiting surfaces in navigator
      by April 30th, 2009

      Fix behavior of G4Navigator for the treatment of the safety which currently ignores exiting surfaces.

    • Implementation of precise ComputeSafety() in navigation for EM use
      by October 31st, 2009

      Review implementation of Computesafety() for use by physics processes (EM) for providing precise computation of the safety value to be not limited by the hard-voxel boundary.

    • Interoperability of multiple navigators/geometries
      by July 1st, 2009

      Identify critical test cases for use of parallel geometries and combined use-cases (scoring+fast_parameterisation, biasing+scoring, etc..).
      Review current design and implementation to address remaining open issues.

    • Improvement in verbosity and control at step number in navigation
      by May 15th, 2009
    • Study adoption of direction in replica navigation
      by November 15th, 2009

      Review implementation of G4ReplicaNavigation to take into account of position and direction when locating on egdes or along surfaces.

  2. Robustness checking & performance tuning:
    • Review response precision of solids on points close to surface and normals. Verify accuracy of 2nd order equations
      by September 30th, 2009

      Reiterate the tests on surface for random points close to (and far from) the solids’ surface, to quantify the precision of the response according to the geometrical tolerance. Verify the conditions under which the surface normal must be computed and the accuracy of the algorithms implemented; identify cases with wrong answers and improve testing.
      Verify where to apply c/(|b|+sqrt(D)) solution.

    • Focus on tests for solids on complex cases
      by September 30th, 2009
    • Analysis of challenging test cases for Boolean solids
      by September 30th, 2009
  3. General code review and improvements:
    • Continue code review for selected CSG shapes
      by October 31st, 2009

      Identify places where code is duplicated and could be simplified; study ways of caching calculation of constants and reuse them efficiently; identify hot-spots performance critical.
      Give priority first to most common used shapes, e.g. G4Box and behavior on shared surfaces.

    • Extension of G4Region to local magnetic fields
      by July 31st, 2009

      Allow for associating magnetic fields to detector regions and propagate the attributes to volumes which are part of the region.

    • Prototype new interface for field accuracy settings
      by September 30th, 2009

      Improve existing implementation to allow easier and more intuitive API to users for tuning performance and field response.

    • Code review of field intersection locator classes
      by March 31st, 2009
  4. New features:
    • Prototype of BREPS solids by surface extrusion and rotation
      by November 30th, 2009

      Allow for construction of BREPS solids by extrusion and revolution of flat surfaces.

  5. Detector description persistency:
    • Customised GDML writer for schema extensions
      by May 30th, 2009

      Implement mechanism for allowing for custom extension of the GDML writer for handling of GDML schema extensions in output.

  • Routine activities
    • Extend testing suite for solids (CSG/specific/Boolean/BREPS)
    • Review of user documentation and publication of a preprint paper on a refereed journal

(1) First semester
(2) Second semester

Created: 28 November 2008
Modified: 30 January 2009