Physics Validation Task Force

Coordinator: Dmitri Konstantinov and Lorenzo Pezzotti

The main activity of this Task Force consists to monitor periodically - during the development of Geant4 - all the results of the physics validation effort of the Collaboration, and report to the Steering Board any inconsistency, degradation, or unexpected behaviour.

This Task Force relies heavily on the validation repository geant-val.

When an “anomalous” physics result is detected, in collaboration with the Electromagnetic and Hadronic Physics Groups, detail, dedicated investigations are carried out, first to understand the source of the problem, and then, possibly, to find a solution or at least a way to overcome the problem.

More extensive physics validation campains are undertaken for public releases and their patches, whereas for monthly, development snapshots, restricted sets of validation and regression tests, with reduced statistics, are executed.

Draft: Geant4 “Physics Validation” Task Force Working Plan

  1. Contact coordinators of different working groups within the Geant4 collaboration to gather information on the current status of validation efforts performed by these groups.

  2. Contact HEP experiments and collaborations working on future experiments to define with them a validation plan to include their results on geant-val.

  3. Analyze the information collected from the working groups and HEP experiments to identify areas where the “Physics Validation” Task Force can provide support, guidance, and collaboration.

  4. Develop a comprehensive presentation on the objectives and plans for the “Physics Validation” Task Force, including short-term and long-term goals, as well as expected milestones and deliverables.

  5. Prepare a detailed tutorial on geant-val, covering its purpose, importance in Geant4 physics validation, step-by-step instructions, examples, and how collaboration members can contribute to the validation process using geant-val.

  6. Organize a seminar for the Geant4 collaboration members to present the Task Force objectives and plans, as well as the geant-val tutorial.

  7. Conduct the seminar, engage collaboration members in discussions, address questions, and gather feedback on the Task Force’s plans and objectives.

  8. Based on the feedback received during the seminar, refine the Task Force’s plans and objectives as needed.

  9. Implement the refined plans, collaborate with the working groups, HEP experiments, and future experiment collaborations, and provide support and guidance in their validation efforts, with a focus on including their results in geant-val.

  10. Monitor progress, track milestones, and report updates to the Steering Board regularly.

  11. Periodically evaluate the effectiveness of the Task Force’s efforts and adjust plans and objectives as necessary to ensure the long-term success of the “Physics Validation” Task Force.