Public Minutes of the 81st SB meeting

September 27th 2013

Séville, Spain

Attendees: Gunter Folger, Takashi Sasaki, Gabriele Cosmo, Makoto Asai (chair), Mike Kelsey, Ivana Hrivnacova, Daniel Elvira, Dennis Wright, John Allison (OB liaison), Koichi Murakami, Andrea Dotti, Vladimir Ivantchenko, Joseph Perl.

Excuses: Pablo Cirrone, Luciano Pandora, Ben Morgan, Peter Gumplinger, Hisaya Kurashige, Sébastien Incerti.

Oversight Board attendee: Katsuya Amako.

1. Regular items

a. Open requirements, pending actions and open bug reports are reviewed.

b. Integration of Fermilab and CERN web pages on physics validation and performance monitoring results is to be considered.

c. Some development items were registered as bug reports and will be moved to the internal JIRA system.

2. Towards 10.0 release

a. The items at risk for 10.0 are reviewed, and the work plan page planned_features will be updated accordingly.

b. The porting and maintenance of the multi-threading functionality for 10.0 on Windows cannot be achieved without additional related skills and resources. Windows user community will be inquired for such resources to be provided to the Collaboration.

c. The user’s guide for application developers will in particular be augmented with features related to the multi-threading.

3. ** **Near future events

a. MC2013: One demo and two posters as the general status of Geant4 will be presented. Makoto and Marc will contact to the Collaboration for their input.

4. General paper

a. The outline has been finalized during the Collaboration Meeting.

b. Authors have been assigned to sections.

5. AOB

a. Near future conferences

i. 2013 Geant4 user conference at the physics-medicine-biology frontier and tutorial, Bordeaux - October 7-11


ii. MC2013, Paris, October 27-31


iii. IEEE/NSS/MIC/RTSD-2013, Seoul - October 27 - November 2


iv. CHEP, Amsterdam, October 14-18


  2. The notification of talk submission came very late, on last Tuesday, for a deadline on Friday, and paper proceedings to be submitted by the 21st of October.

  3. This is incompatible with the standard publication board submission rules and exceptions will have to be made.

v. SuperComputing 2013, Denver, November 17-22


b. Near future events

· A Geant4 tutorial will take place in Seoul, Korea (Nov 11-15, 2013).

c. Next collaboration meeting

· The next Geant4 Collaboration Meeting will take place in Okinawa, Japan. The dates have to be finalized.

· There will be a one day public ceremony prior to the meeting, for the 20th anniversary of RD44/Geant4.

d. Additional information:

· The opportunity of an open forum for the future of Geant4 will be discussed in a further Steering Board meeting. Such consideration about new technologies is one of the recommendations of this year review.

· A Technical Forum at CERN after the release of 10.0 will be planned.

Meeting Date

Friday, September 27, 2013 - 12:00