Workplan 2014

2014 Work Plan

The 2014 Work Plan is divided into three categories, with responsible members and approximate deadlines (end of calendar-year quarters) listed. Many of the items shown are carried over from 2013.

  1. Documentation Structure
  2. Documentation Content
  3. Web Site Content

Last updated: 6 February 2014

Documentation Structure


Task Responsible Due

Remove layer of SVN repository (move DocBookUsersGuides subdirectories directly under UserDoc). Kelsey 2Q

Identify separable parts of Physics Manual, provide top-level XML to generate multiple “books” for each chapter, in addition to the single document. Can EM be split into two or more parts? Kelsey 2Q

Identify separable parts of App.Dev., provide top-level XML to generate multiple “books” as above. Can Tracking and Physics be split into two or more parts?   2Q

Encourage major developent areas to write publication papers as well as updating Toolkit Book documentation. J. Allison 3Q

Documentation Content

Task Responsible Due

Produce a documentation Style Guide (or point to example chapter properly formatted) to support members and developers in contributing to the XML documentation in a consistent format. Kelsey, Ivana 2Q

Provide documentation for QMD in Physics Reference Manual: MC 2012 slides, proceedings T. Koi 3Q

Provide Transportation section of Application Developer’s Guide J. Apostolakis (to be confirmed) 3Q

Expand the Neutron HP section of Physics to include charged particle interactions P. Arce 3Q

Toolkit Guide is incomplete, many of the UML diagrams are out of date. Should it be updated, replaced, or abandoned? Do current developers still make use of it? D. Wright 2Q

Unify markup of source code entities (classes, functions, parameters): bold, monospace, whatever, but should be the same all the way through. Maybe define a content-oriented markup tag (a la “<Code>” in HTML) to be used throughout? All 3Q

Web Site Content

Task Responsible Due

(Steering Board Action Item 75.10) Expand Web pages of publications, validation results, and external citations, per suggestion from 2012 external review. Kelsey, Wright Ongoing