Workplan 2016

2016 Work Plan

The 2016 Work Plan is divided into four categories, with responsible members and approximate deadlines (end of calendar-year quarters) listed. Some items are carried over from 2015 (deadlines shown in bold). Some items carried over are: TBD (To be decided, or still to be done?)

  1. Documentation Structure
  2. Documentation Content
  3. Web Site Content
  4. Videos

Last updated: 11 February 2016

Documentation Structure


Task Responsible Due

Periodic Release of Documents Alex Throughout 2016

Identify separable parts of Physics Manual, provide top-level XML to generate multiple “books” for each chapter, in addition to the single document. Can EM be split into two or more parts? TBD 2Q

Identify separable parts of App.Dev., provide top-level XML to generate multiple “books” as above. Can Tracking and Physics be split into two or more parts? TBD 2Q

General review of documentation (especially with respect to language and completeness) Alex, Dennis 2Q

Documentation Content

Task Responsible Due

Produce a documentation Style Guide (or point to example chapter properly formatted) to support members and developers in contributing to the XML documentation in a consistent format. TBD, I. Hrivnacova 2Q

Expand the particle HP section in PRM and application guide P. Arce 1Q (patch release) E-mail query

Unify markup of source code entities (classes, functions, parameters): bold, monospace, whatever, but should be the same all the way through. Maybe define a content-oriented markup tag (a la “<Code>” in HTML) to be used throughout? All 2Q

Automatic documentation generation of Physics Lists A. Dotti, D. Wright 4Q

Update of INCL++ documentation D. Mancusi 4Q

Finish and publish G4 general paper D. Wright 1Q

Maintenance of the geometry/persistency chapters in the manuals G. Cosmo 4Q

building/installing Doxygen documentation for the examples as part of main build process (nightlies), B. Morgan 4Q

Improve documentation of hadronic physics A. Ribon 4Q

Basic and extended Examples Documentation Ivana 4Q

biasing documentation M. Verderi 4Q

support documentation for EM physics V. Ivantchenko 4Q

Maintain and update documentation for hadronic models – low energy neutrons, G4ENDL, particle_hp, QMD T. Koi 4Q

Provide close review of release notes, installation guides and our overall face that we show to our less expert users with eye towards helping these users understand how to get up and running and stay up and running J. Perl 4Q

Web Site Content

Task Responsible Due

Investigate migration of Web site to modern content management system, such as Drupal at CERN. Includes investigating capability to provide protected/internal Web areas and public/unprotected areas, along with continued Web access to tags database. G. Folger, A. Howard 2Q?

(Steering Board Action Item 75.10) Expand Web pages of publications, validation results, and external citations, per suggestion from 2012 external review. TBD, Wright Ongoing

(Steering Board Action Item 75.10) “Better Web “advertising” of Geant4 achievements” Howard, Morgan, Garnier Ongoing

(Steering Board Action Item 75.9) “Consult with the responsible parties for different documentation/common Web page areas to develop a consistent interface” Howard Ongoing

web presence: host the generated Doxygen on the website B. Morgan 4Q

command guidance, built-in commands and associated CLI html creation J. Allison 4Q

consider our web-presence A. Howard 4Q


Task Responsible Due

Gather movies related to geant4 made by collaborators and try to find a way to have a better visibility L. Garnier 2Q?

Investigate central repository for video information - demonstrations, tutorials, publicity. Consider creating our own youtube, vimeo, whatever page. Laurent, Marc 3Q?